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I am thrilled that you have decided to check out GOOD FOR KIDS and my upcoming Kickstarter campaign! Thank you!!!

Below please find information and downloadable assets on the project. The truth is, I have never written a press kit before so hopefully this page is in line with what’s expected. If you need something that is not included below, please contact me at:

Table of Contents:

  • Contact Info
  • Promotion Info and Digital Assets
  • Company Info/Founder Bio
  • The World’s First Healthy Eating Doll
  • Children’s picture book: Healthy Foods Are Fun to Eat
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Founder: Dessi Donkova

Bolton, Massachusetts


Tel: 978-779-6089



I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon. Kickstarter Dates: May 8th – June 24th 2018

Here is the Kickstarter PREVIEW PAGE: Kickstarter Project Link

Please do not share this link with others prior to the official campaign launch.

Whenever promoting the doll, the book or the campaign please link both to the Kickstarter campaign page and the company website:  I would truly appreciate it!

When you post an article, please let me know so that I can add/link to your article/post/promotion and thank you on all my social media channels.

High quality photos of the doll set, book and author can be downloaded from Dropbox. Please let me know if you are interested so I can share the folder with you. 


Good For Kids is a socially responsible enterprise dedicated to:

  • Creating and launching high quality products that are GOOD FOR KIDS, and
  • Doing GOOD by helping children in need.

The endeavor was born out of my family's love to learn, innovate, tinker and create. Through our play times and imagination, we have come up with several unique ideas for bright educational toys and products that can teach and inspire children. As time went by, I found myself wanting to not just bring some of these ideas to life but also to make a positive social impact through my business endeavors.

We are planning on launching and distributing intelligent products for children in the areas of health, science, technology, engineering, math, nature and more. Our first 2 products will be The World’s First Healthy Eating Doll and the Healthy Foods Are Fun to Eat picture book, focused on encouraging children to eat more fruits and veggies.



Dessi is the Founder of Good For Kids, a healthy eating enthusiast and the mom of two young children. After many years of writing technical presentations and building software systems, Dessi finally decided to venture into creating something far more complex – a toy and a book that aim to convince children that all fruits and vegetables are yummy and fun to eat.

Prior to Good For Kids, Dessi built her career in technology and business development. She is a former McKinsey consultant and holds a BA degree from Brown University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.



TAGLINE: The World’s First Healthy Eating Doll

MISSION: To Encourage Kids to Eat More Fruits And Veggies

DOLL NAME: Summer (because fruits and veggies are most abundant in the summer)

ACCESSORIES (INCLUDED): 20 colorful wooden food pieces and a charming shopping bag.

About the Doll

Summer is a smart magnetic doll that loves to eat her fruits and veggies. She comes with a wonderful set of fruits, vegetables and some not so healthy foods. Summer can smartly distinguish between the healthy and not so healthy options. The effect of tasting the foods is accomplished through the use of magnets that are safely and inconspicuously embedded in the mouth and the hands of the doll.

  • Summer readily “eats” her colorful fruits and vegetables. A good food (e.g. a carrot or an apple) easily sticks to her mouth so that she can “taste it/eat it”.
  • She smartly “avoids” the sugary treats. The lollipop for example does not stick as it will not be attracted by the magnets.
  • Summer can also easily pick up healthy foods with her hands and bring them to her mouth.
  • She really knows what’s good for her!



I wrote the children’s book “Healthy Foods are Fun to Eat” to encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies. The book is filled with bouncy rhymes and adorable illustrations made entirely of fruits and vegetables. It features stunning food art created by over 10 talented artists from all around the world!

Parents and kids can flip through the pages of the book to read the catchy rhymes and enjoy the gorgeous images of kids, animals, space travel, nature, ocean life and more.

It was a blast working on the book as it was fueled by so much enthusiasm and help from my children! Every idea, every rhyme, every healthy treat was carefully selected and expertly crafted – it is all a true reflection of my family’s love and appreciation for wholesome foods.

Please check out some of the images from the book in the Dropbox folder to get an idea of its contents.

SOMETHING SPECIAL: I am so excited about this book and its positive message that I have decided to special-order and custom print a single copy of the "Healthy Foods Are Fun to Eat" book in a SUPER large format. We hope that our special, gigantic book and it EVEN BIGGER message can travel to libraries, schools and children's museums and show little kids that FRUITS AND VEGGIES ARE COOL AND YUMMY TO EAT! We believe that this is now the largest healthy eating picture book in the world! 


Talking Points about Founder/Project

  • I created the doll and the book with the help and input of artists, designers and freelancers from over 10 countries from all around the world (United States, Canada, Australia, England, China, Switzerland, Serbia, Indonesia, Ukraine, etc.). Thank you Upwork, Fiverr, Etsy and Instagram for providing the platforms to connect with some amazing talent!
  • I came up with the idea for the healthy eating doll after I saw a little girl feeding an apple to her doll (detailed story on the Kickstarter page)
  • I am a true momtrepreneur, juggling work and family responsibilities one day at a time.

Sample Talking Points about Children’s Nutrition and Healthy Eating

  • Good nutrition is critical for the physical, mental and emotional development of children (e.g. healthy eating habits, childhood obesity, making smart choices, etc.)
  • While the topic of what to feed children can be a point of frustration for many parents (for several reasons), one thing that all parents can agree on is that kids can greatly benefit from eating more veggies and fruits.
  • I would like to promote a warm, positive, message for this campaign: “Let’s inspire kids to eat more fruits and veggies! Let’s fill their tummies with good foods and their minds with positive experiences!”
  • I am truly hoping to:
    • Raise healthy eating awareness through reading and imaginative play
    • Provide not just a toy but a good role model to kids, a little friend who can make smart eating choices
    • Open a discussion about healthy foods and the benefits of eating more colorful, delicious fruits and veggies
    • Encourage parents to teach their children about healthy eating from an early age
    • Let kids have fun playing while reinforcing healthy eating habits!



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I am truly excited about embarking on this endeavor. Thank you so much for your interest and help spreading the word!

My best,