Suggest a product

Do you have a product that is GOOD FOR KIDS? Does your company create SAFE, SMART AND UNIQUE children's products that you would like to see on the Good For Kids website? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Our team is currently sifting through thousands of children's products to build out our online catalog.  Please keep in mind that we are highly selective as we are only interested in launching and/or distributing intelligent and responsible products that are:

  • Thoughtfully designed to contribute to the child's growth
  • Able to keep kids off screens or have an excellent on-screen educational value
  • Made of eco-friendly, organic or natural materials
  • Not movie or cartoon-themed
  • Socially responsible.

We are especially eager to hear about products that are designed to make a positive impact on a child's development in the areas of:

  • Health (e.g. nutrition, fitness, etc.)
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Art and Creativity
  • Social Studies (e.g. history, geography, etc.)
  • Nature and our environment
  • Beyond Play (e.g. school gear, kids décor, etc.).

Please submit your product information (including all relevant safety testing certifications) to