Healthy Foods are Fun to Eat Children's Picture Book

This charming hardcover book is an 8"x10" copy of the World's Largest Healthy Eating Picture Book, featuring charming illustrations by over 10 talented artists from around the globe.

Do you want to inspire a little boy or a little girl to eat more fruits and veggies? Would you like to introduce the concept of wholesome eating to them in a simple, fun and unobtrusive way? Are you amazed by the power of human creativity and imagination? This delightful children’s picture book is filled with happy rhymes and adorable illustrations made entirely of fruits and vegetables. It features stunning food art created by over 10 talented artists from all around the world! Parents and kids can flip through the pages to read the catchy rhymes, enjoy the charming images, find the hidden objects, and, get fun ideas on creating irresistible healthy treats. The gorgeous illustrations of kids, animals, space travel, nature, ocean life, and more jump off the pages to encourage children to eat more fruits and veggies. What a great way to learn that “With healthy foods you can’t go wrong, you’ll be smart and you’ll grow strong!”

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